Simple Amazon FBA Private Label Product Launch Strategy 2019

Launch strategies require a combination of well researched plans and capital. The purpose of a launch is to generate a large amount of sales over a short period of time (generally a few days). Amazon ranks products based on their sales velocity over an unspecified time (in addition to other unknown ranking factors). To maximize the benefits of a launch, we must generate sales with every strategy at our disposal and execute them at the same time. This will result in the biggest lift in organic search.

I like to implement a combination of the following:

  1. Giveaways — I’ve started to move away from the 100% off giveaways because I don’t like having to pay a large lump sum up front but if my PPC or other methods are not converting like I hoped for I’ll supplement with giveaways
  2. Coupons — This is my bread and butter. I like to have several tiers of discounts on hand and try different percentages off to see where the sweet spot is for conversions. If you’re using something like FB ads, always start high and move down. We want to ensure the issue is the amount of a discount and not the targeting. If your ad isn’t converting at 100% off it won’t convert at 50% off.

Now that we have our coupons/giveaways we need to find a way to distribute them. Here are my go to methods for distribution:

Facebook Groups — Absolutely mandatory to any strategy. If you aren’t utilizing Facebook groups you’re doing a tremendous disservice to yourself. Do a simple search on Facebook to find groups of people that are your target audience. If you’re selling a yoga mat, search on Facebook for yoga groups. After joining as many groups as you can find, contact the admins of the groups. You’re going to get a lot of push back from these groups so this is the order of questions I like to ask:

  • Ask if you’re allowed to share coupons in their group. If they say no:
  • Ask if you’re allowed to give away your product for free. If they say no:
  • Ask if they would accept payment to advertise your product in the group

A lot of these groups will tell you no to all 3 of these questions. That’s okay, it’s expected. This is a numbers game.

A few things I’ve found that increase my chances of the admin allowing me to post in the group is telling them:

  • The product is on Amazon. This alleviates concerns of scams, credit card phishing, etc.
  • Position yourself as someone simply trying to share a good deal instead of being the product owner. Don’t lie but phrase your messages in this manner (“Hey, I have coupons for X product for 50% off — am I allowed to share them in the group?”). If they deny your initial request of sharing coupons you will obviously have to inform them you are the product owner.
  • You’re trying to get feedback on the product which is why you’re giving discounted coupons for the product. This is only needed if you’re offering 90% off or full giveaway. People are generally skeptical why you would give free or heavily discounted stuff away. Be clear to explain feedback is NOT getting reviews on Amazon. It is trying to get feedback in the form of a simple message once they receive the product (even though this is not our primary purpose).
  • Join the groups long before you intend on posting in them. This will show you are not a new member and make it look much less spammy.

Facebook Ads — Most people aren’t willing to put in the effort for this but this has been the most effective method I’ve found for FB ads. You will want to run this a few days prior to your launch date as you will need to gather data so when you’re ready to actually start you’ll have a high quality custom audience ready to deploy. This is the process:

  1. Create a 30-60 second video of your product being used. It doesn’t have to be extremely high quality, I did it with my phone in the beginning. Try to grab interest in the first 3-5 seconds
  2. Create a new ad with the video views objective.
  3. Choose broad audiences for your targeting. For example, yoga if you’re selling a yoga mat.
  4. Ages 24+, mobile only, USA only (assuming you’re in the US)
  5. Run the ad for 3-4 days prior to your launch day. I usually do $10/day.
  6. After your video has accumulated a few hundred or thousand views, go into the custom audience section in Facebook ads. Create a new look alike audience with 90% view duration of your video.
  7. Launch a new ad using your new look alike audience on your launch day.

Amazon PPC — This is a no brainer. I overspend, even though I know I will be losing money. I set to auto and crank the daily spend anywhere from $50-200/day depending on how competitive the product is.

Hope you enjoyed my post!